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Car Accident Report: Rear-End Collision near I-405

In January 2003, TM was driving her Honda Prelude on the southbound lane of Interstate 405 near exit number 26 in Bothell, Washington. TM then slowed for traffic. She was then suddenly struck from behind by CM. The repairs to TM’s vehicle exceeded the sum of $2,300.00.

Washington law provides that the drivers exercise ordinary care and avoid causing a collision. See RCW 46.61.445 and Washington Pattern Jury Instruction (WPI) 70.01. CM was negligent when she slammed into TM’s vehicle.

TM sustained the following injuries in this car accident:
  • Cervico-thoracic strain/sprain;
  • Left lumbar strain/sprain;
  • Lumbosacral strain/sprain with attendant segmental dysfunction;
  • Occipital headaches.
TM is 23 years old. She lives with her family in Lynnwood, Washington.

TM is employed as a Sales Assistant in Redmond, Washington. In her spare time, TM enjoys a regular gym workout routine. She also enjoys hiking, camping, snowboarding and spending time with her friends.

TM suffered considerable loss of enjoyment of life by having to experience constant and continuous pain and discomfort as a result of her injuries. TM was forced to ask for help carrying files at work. TM was also forced to take more breaks to stretch and relieve the pressure on her neck and back.

In her home life, TM was unable to continue with her normal activities. TM was unable to work out or participate in outdoor sports for six months following the collision. TM experienced constant pain in her neck and lower back which rendered her incapable of performing various projects around the house and participating in other leisure activities.

To date, TM’s activities are limited due to her injuries. She is unable to continue with many of her activities and hobbies she enjoyed doing before this collision. She cannot participate in gym workouts or outdoor sports with the same intensiTM as before the collision. TM cannot sit or drive for extended periods of time without feeling pain in her neck and shoulder.

To help her negotiate for fair and reasonable financial compensation with the Safeco Insurance Company, TM enlisted the services of leading personal injury attorney and car accident lawyer Chris Davis. Mr. Davis has had great success in winning appropriate financial compensation in the past, and has extensive experience working with the claims representatives at Safceo Insurance.