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Car Accident Report: I-90 Rear-End Collision

In May 2002, at approximately 11:00 a.m., JP was driving his Ford Taurus Eastbound on Interstate 90 near the Barker Road exit in the Spokane Valley. JP began to slow for traffic in front of him. JP’s foot was still on the brake when he was struck from behind by DM. JP MacKay’s vehicle pushed JP’s vehicle approximately 30 feet with the brake engaged before stopping.

Washington law provides that the following driver has the duty to avoid a collision with the driver in front. JP did nothing to contribute to the cause of the crash and could do nothing to avoid the collision. DM was negligent when he slammed into the back of JP’s vehicle.

JP sustained the following injuries in this accident:
  • Internal derangement right, status post contusion injury.
  • Flap tear mid portion medial meniscus right knee.
  • Femoral sulcus chondral fissure 5 by 15 mm.
  • cervical strain/sprain
  • thoracic strain/sprain
  • lumbar strain/sprain

JP is 27 years old. He lives with his wife and his two daughters in Spokane, Washington.

At the time of the accident JP was self-employed and was responsible for installing commercial and residential security systems. His business had enjoyed substantial success before JP was injured in the auto collision.

After JP’s injury, his business suffered significantly. His injuries prevented him from operating the business at the high level he was used to. JP had to take substantial time off work to recuperate from his injuries. His business suffered even more. JP has had to stop operating his once successful security business due to his injuries and treatment.

JP is now looking for another job. He has applied for employment with the Department of Corrections in Spokane. His application is now pending.

In his free time, JP enjoys spending time at the lake with his family. They enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and riding motorcycles.

JP suffered considerable loss of enjoyment of life by having to experience constant and continuous pain and discomfort as a result of his injuries. He could not sit for long periods of time, causing him difficulty with his normal daily activities. He could not engage in strenuous activities for a significant period of time, causing him to miss recreational and other leisure activities.

JP was previously diagnosed with scoliosis. However, he was primarily asymptomatic before this collision. After the collision, he experienced severe back pain. He was unable to work at his self-owned business during his recovery period and his business suffered significantly because of this.

Currently, JP complains of a stiff neck and back on a frequent basis. The pain is often intense and debilitating. He cannot participate in family outings to the lake, hikes and so forth because these activities exacerbate his back pain.

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