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Practical Tips for Victims of Serious Accidents l Seattle Attorney

By Lala C. Ballatan

If you have been severely injured in whatever type of accident, it is but significant that you know what course of action to take at the very start. Doing this, you could avoid encountering more serious implications during the days following your accident or worse, avoid being unable to file an accident injury claim against those at fault and liable for your injuries and recover damages.

The process of seeking the legal advice and representation of accident lawyers, in Los Angeles, California, for example, and other significant information that you should be aware of as a victim need not be a painful process as the accident you have just had the unfortunate luck to encounter.

Here are several important things to note down to turn your unfortunate encounter around and lead you to the road of recovery and recognition of legal rights.

• Make your own documentation about your accident, injuries and damages, and your accident lawyer – you have to take down notes about how the accident happened, as accurately as possible. Note down in an organized manner the incidents before, during and after the injury you sustained occurred.

Even if the last thing you want to do is reminisce what happened for which you gained serious injuries, it is important to keep the factual details about the incident fresh in your memory. As such, the best way is to write them all down.

Make a note of the following:

- date and time of the accident - exact location and place - conditions of the weather - eye witnesses' names, addresses and telephone numbers - names, addresses and telephone numbers of other parties involved - how the incident made you feel, both emotionally and physically as it was happening - detailed account of the physical and mental injuries you sustained - treatments undergone and to be received in the future - effect of injuries to your job, personal and social life

• Accumulate important and heavy-impact evidence, as these are important – gather, as much physical evidence as you can that would undoubtedly support your claim. These would also strengthen your case and assist the accident lawyer to represent you outstandingly.

Here are several necessary evidences you need: - police reports - all of your medical records concerning injuries you have sustained from the accident - photos - keep a defective product in the condition it was left shortly after the accident happened - present documents that came with a defective product

• Find a reliable Los Angeles law firm specializing in accident cases.

- lawyer or law firm with attorneys with adequate knowledge in Personal Injury Laws - do not be afraid to ask as many questions to your lawyer during your initial consultation/interview with them

Make your recuperation more productive by doing everything possible to gain rightful compensation on your case. Just never, forget to research your case, repeatedly or have someone do it to you as conscientiously, as possible.