Teacher at Woodside Elementary School Wins School Supplies Award

Help a public school teacher win classroom money

Anne Matthey is the Winner of a $100 OfficeMax Gift Card for Her Classroom

Anne Matthey winner of teacher award
Davis Law Group, P.S., a Seattle-based law firm, in partnership with OfficeMax, is pleased to announce that Anne Matthey is a recipient of the Davis Law Group School Supplies Gift Program. Ms. Matthey is a 5th grade teacher at Woodside Elementary School.

Ms. Matthey was nominated by her colleague Salli Smith, who describes her as a natural born educator that makes teaching look effortless.

“Anne Matthey’s extra efforts are everlasting on the students she serves,” Smith said. “She sees the potential in her students and magically develops them.”

Ms. Matthey is working to expand her knowledge in technology, while also teaching her students. In order to make this happen, she applied for a technology grant to help with instruction. Her hard work paid off and she was awarded the grant. She believes it is important for her students to learn the way of the future through technology.

Smith has worked with Ms. Matthey for seven years. She says that Ms. Matthey always takes the time for her students, giving them her undivided attention.

“She truly is a remarkable gifted teacher,” she said. “Sometimes Ms. Matthey’s class looks as if they are playing, actually making learning fun.”

Woodside Elementary is a low income school, with many students unable to purchase any school supplies. Due to the shrinking school budget, Ms. Matthey spends her own money to subsidize her classroom needs. She plans to use the award towards the students who do not have any supplies.

Attorney Chris Davis and his wife started a program to help public school teachers get extra classroom supplies without having to spend their own money. The Davis Law Group School Supplies Gift Program gives a $100 OfficeMax gift card each week to a deserving Washington State Public school teacher and his/her class. Anyone can nominate a teacher for this program, teachers, and students, parents, and administrators.