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Accident Report: Rear-End Accident in Downtown Seattle

In May 2004, HS parallel parked her 1998 Hyundai Elantra on Stewart Street in downtown Seattle.  Before she could turn off her engine, HS was slammed from behind by SL. The force of the collision was significant enough to push HS’s vehicle forward several feet.  HS suffered personal injuries as a result of the collision.

Washington law provides that the drivers have the duty to exercise ordinary care and avoid causing a collision.  See RCW 46.61.445 and Washington Pattern Jury Instruction (WPI) 70.01.  was negligent when he slammed into our client’s vehicle.

HS sustained the following injuries in this accident:
  • Severe cervical strain following a motor vehicle collision;
  • Lumbar strain following a motor vehicle collision;
  • Muscle tension in surrounding cervical musculature causing headaches;
  • Shoulder spasm following motor vehicle collision; 
  • Cervical facet pain right greater than left C2-C3, C3-C4 and C5-C6;
  • Thoracic outlet type of symptoms with arm fatigue;
  • Postural dysfunction;
  • Myofascial pain of the neck and shoulder girdle;
  • Mid thoracic mechanical dysfunction; and
  • Cervicogenic headaches.
HS is 23 years old. She lives in San Diego, California. HS is currently expecting her first child in January 2006. 

HS is employed full time for a temporary-employment agency. She also works part-time as a nanny/tutor. In her spare time, HS enjoys snowboarding, working out, hiking, dancing and volunteering for child care activities.
HS suffered considerable loss of enjoyment of life by having to experience constant and continuous pain and discomfort as a result of her injuries. HS was unable to sit, stand, or lay comfortably while her injuries healed. HS was unable to sleep through the night without waking up in pain for weeks following the collision.

HS was unable to drive for long periods of time without experiencing pain in her neck and shoulders. HS’s job teaching first grade requires that she stand on her feet during the entire day, reach up to write on the board, rearrange desks in the classroom, kneel down to her students’ desks, and walk around the school grounds with the children. HS’s job also requires that she sit for long periods of time before and after the school day to make her lesson plan and grade papers. HS still cannot perform the above mentioned tasks without experiencing pain and discomfort in her neck and back.
In her home life, HS was unable to keep up with the household chores. She was unable to clean, vacuum, cook, do laundry and other household tasks without pain and discomfort. HS was unable to continue working full time and was forced to borrow money and eventually move out of her apartment due to the financial stress her injuries caused her. HS was finally able to move back into an apartment of her own in November of 2004, but she is still unable to perform the household chores with the same intensity as she was before the collision.
After the collision, HS began to experience anxiety while in a car, especially when she was a passenger. HS was forced to purchase a bigger vehicle which she felt safer driving in order to lessen her anxiety while in a car.

To date, HS’s activities are limited due to her injuries. She is unable to continue with many of the activities and hobbies she enjoyed doing before the collision. HS has chosen not to return to teaching this year due to the physical demands listed above. She is now forced to work a lower-paying position due to the physical limitations of her injuries.

In order to ensure that she received sufficient compensation for her medical expenses and loss of enjoyment of life, HS hired Seattle car accident lawyer Chris Davis.
Mr. Davis is the founder and principal personal injury attorney of Seattle-based Davis Law Group and has had substantial success negotiating with Farmers Insurance claims representatives for just reimbursement and financial compensation.