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Accident Report: Serious Injury at Gilman Boulevard

In June of 2004, D.D was on the job and servicing a regular commercial account for his employer Sprague Pest Solutions. The account was a commercial building known as Meadows II and located at 1410 Gilman Boulevard, Issaquah, Washington.  The Meadows II building had several commercial business tenants.  D.D.had been spraying the Meadows II building on a regular basis over the previous six months.

When D.D.arrived at the building at his normal start time of at approximately 4:00 a.m., he carried his equipment to the building, including a 40lb chemical spray pack, gloves, respirator and eyewear.  D.D.sprays commercial buildings this early to avoid chemical exposure to the public.

As he moved sideways, he unknowingly stepped into an open water meter hole on the front walkway near the front door to the suite.  The cover had been removed by K.L.and his construction crew the previous day.  K.L.failed to replace the cover, or to warn passersby that there was an open water main on the walkway.   When D.D.stepped into the hole, his foot became caught.  He then lost his balance and fell over onto his left side.  D.D.was carrying his Sprague chemical spray back pack weighing 45-50 pounds when he fell.

He experienced immediate pain in his shoulder, neck and back.  D.D.tried to finish his work but his pain increased. He decided to drive to the emergency department at Overlake Hospital a few hours later.


1. Anterior chest strain/sprain
2.Cervical strain/sprain.
3. Thoracic strain/sprain.
4. Cervical segmental dysfunction C4-5 through C6-7.
5. Cervico-thoracic injury, with some evidence for left cervical radiculopathy.
6. C3-4 disk protrusion.
7. C3-4 facet hypertrophy.
8. C4-5 disk protrusion that mildly compromises the neural foramina.
9. C5-6 bilateral lateral left disk protrusion that moderately compromises neural foramina and mild central canal compromise.
10. C6-7 mild facet hypertrophy.
11. End plate spurring at C3-4, C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7.
12. Multiple cervical subluxations.
13. Thoracic strain with injury to trapezius muscle.  
14. Thoracolumbar myofascial pain.
15. Left shoulder sprain/strain.
16. Left shoulder dysfunction.
17. AC joint tenderness.
18. Left shoulder impingement syndrome. 
19. Left shoulder chronic impingement with likely partial rotator cuff tear.
20. Mid- and low back pain.

In his spare time, D.D. enjoyed jet skiing, boating, bowling, sailing, exercising and hiking.  He also enjoys playing music with his guitar, keyboard, drums and piano. After this accident, D.D. was unable to perform the duties of his job at a satisfactory level, enjoy his active lifestyle, or pay for his medical bills. When he was unable to negotiate with K.L.'s insurance company, he turned the car accident attorneys at Davis Law Group. Principal Attorney Chris Davis was able to go head-to-head with K.L.'s insurance company and deliver a fair settlement for D.D.