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Accident Report: Port Ludlow Car Accident

This was a fairly serious car crash. The collision occurred in July of 2000, at on SR 104 at the intersection with SR 19, in Port Ludlow, Jefferson County, Washington. D.C. was riding in a 1981 Toyota Corolla that was driven by J.C. At time of impact, she was asleep in the front passenger seat and was restrained with shoulder restraint and lap belt. On impact, D.C. was flung forward, and then whipped back into her seat as the car spun. J.C. and D.C. were driving westbound on SR 104 at approximately 55 mph. R.F., driving a 1998 Ford Explorer, was at the intersection of SR 19 and SR 104, attempting to make a left hand turn onto eastbound SR 104. He failed to yield the right of way while turning left and the two vehicles collided. R.F. was cited for “failure to yield” by the Washington State Patrolman. Thus, there is no question that R.F. was 100% liable for causing this car crash.

The amount of D.C.’s damages caused by this car crash was significant requiring more than $17,000 in medical treatment. The forces involved in the collision itself were fairly significant when the vehicles crashed at very high speeds, thereby causing our client’s vehicle to spin multiple times. D.C.’s treating physicians stat e that she will have “residual dysfunction” as a result of her injuries. Thus, she has suffered permanent injuries as a result of J.C’s negligence.

D.C. hired Seattle auto accident attorney Chris Davis and the Davis Law Group to handle the insurance claim and settlement negotiations with PEMCO Insurance.

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