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Accident Report: Lynnwood Head-On Car Accident on 44th Avenue

NOTE: Click here for information on the Oct. 22, 2018, crash in Lynnwood.

In December 2004, GC was a front-seat passenger in a vehicle driven by her husband PC. As their vehicle was traveling southbound on 44th Avenue West in Lynnwood, Washington, they were suddenly hit head-on by AJ. AJ was making a left-hand turn. She turned in front of the GC and PC’s vehicle which had the right of way. The collision was unavoidable. AJ was cited for “failure to yield the right of way” at the scene.  

Washington law provides that the drivers on have the duty to exercise ordinary care and avoid causing a collision.  AJ was negligent when she slammed into GC’s vehicle.    

GC suffered serious personal injuries as a result of the collision. GC did nothing to contribute to the cause of the crash and could do nothing to avoid the collision but sustained the following serious injuries in this car accident:

1. Contusion to the shoulder
2. Contusion to the right neck
3. Contusion to the right upper back
4. Residual pain and contusion to the right hand
5. Resolved pain and ecchymosis to the right hand

GC is 37 years old. She lives with her husband, and their three children in Lynnwood, Washington. She is employed as a manager for a McDonalds Restaurant in the Seattle area. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. Because of the accident many of GC’s normal every day activities have been hindered and the accident has had a huge impact on her life both physically and emotionally. 

GC sought payment from State Farm Insurance Company (AJ’s auto insurance provider) for damages that were incurred due to the injuries she sustained in the collision. After unsuccessfully dealing with State Farm insurance adjustors on her own GC hired personal injury attorney Chris Davis with the Davis Law Group to help her peruse the claim.