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Accident Report: Leary and Redmond Way Intersection Accident

In October 2002, CC was driving her 2003 Nissan Xterra Southbound on Leary Way in Redmond, Washington. While lawfully proceeding through the intersection of Leary Way and Redmond Way, CC was suddenly struck from the front/side by KL. The impact of the collision was severe. The repairs to CC’s vehicle exceeded the sum of $4,500.00. 

Washington state law stipulates that drivers have the duty to exercise ordinary care and do everything they can avoid causing a car accident. CC did nothing to cause the car crash and could do nothing to avoid it. KL was negligent when she slammed into CC’s vehicle.

CC suffered personal injuries as a result of the collision. CC sustained the following injuries in this accident:

Cervical strain and spasm.
Cervical subluxation trauma
Abnormal posture
Neck Pain
Thoracic subluxation trauma
Cervical strain/sprain
Thoracic strain/sprain
Lumbar subluxation
Lumbar strain
Sacroiliac subluxation
Sacroiliac strain/sprain

CC sought payment for her medical bills and expenses from KL's insurance company, MetLife Auto & Home Insurance. She enlisted the aid of Seattle car accident attorney Chris Davis and the Davis Law Group to help her collect compensation for the injuries she sustained in the collision.

*Initials are used to protect the identities of the parties involved.