Accident Report: I-405 Rear-end Accident Collision

The following is a description of the accident and the injuries of a former Davis Law Group client.  *Initials are used to protect the identities of the parties involved. 

Davis Law Group Client Accident Report

In March 2003, T.B. was a front seat passenger in a vehicle being driven by A.H. A.H. exited Interstate 405 at the Beardsley Boulevard exit. While stopped on the exit ramp, A.H.’s vehicle was suddenly struck from behind by T.J. T.J was driving a large Dodge Ram Truck. He slammed his vehicle into A.H.’s 1998 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. The impact was fairly significant. The necessary repairs to A.H.’s vehicle totaled more than $7,600.00.

T. J. was negligent when he slammed into the back of the vehicle T.B. was riding in. Washington law provides that the following driver has the duty to avoid a collision with the driver in front. See Washington Pattern Jury Instruction (WPI) 70.04.

T.B. suffered personal injuries as a result of the collision.
1) Cervical sprain/strain.
2) Thoracic sprain/strain.
3) Lumbosacral sprain/strain.
4) Myospasm.

T.B. hired Seattle accident attorney Chris Davis and the Davis Law Group to manage her insurance claim and settlement discussions with PEMCO Insurance Co.