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Accident Report: Evergreen Way Car Accident

In  November of 2003, CD was driving her Mitsubishi Galant Northbound on Evergreen Way in Everett, WA. At that moment, she was suddenly struck from the left by your insured N.N. What happened was N.N. lost control of his vehicle while trying to change lanes when he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into C.D.'s vehicle.

This car crash was fairly significant. It caused substantial damage to C.D.'s vehicle. The amount of repairs to Christie’s vehicle exceeded the sum of $7,100.023. C.D.'s suffered personal injuries as a result of the collision.


C.D.'s injuries sustained the following injuries in this accident:

1) Acute Cervical strain.

2) Acute lumbar strain.

3) Left shoulder strain.

4) Extremely acute post motor vehicle accident with low back and left lower

extremity radicular symptoms.

5) Weakness in left hamstring.

6) Swelling of the left knee.

C.D. is 29 years-old. She is married with two children. She is a full time mother and homemaker. She enjoys taking care of her family. She is also very active in her children’s school district - the Marysville School District where she is in charge of two committees. After the accident, her high level of activity became exceedingly more difficult.

C.D. tried to work out her case with the insurance claims adjustors at N.N.'s insurance company. Unfortunately she was unable to reach a settlement that she felt was fair for all of the damages that she sustained, her car, her bodily, and emotional damages. As a result, she sought legal help from Attorney Chris Davis and Davis Law Group.