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Accident Report: Driver Rear-Ended in Northgate

In December 2003, at approximately 6:00 p.m., PS was driving his 1999 Honda Civic on Southbound 15th Avenue NE near Northgate Mall in Seattle, Washington. PS slowed and stopped to make a left hand turn. While lawfully stopped, PS was suddenly slammed from behind by ER.  

ER was driving a much larger vehicle – a Ford Bronco 2. This car crash was fairly significant. The impact caused substantial damage to PS’s vehicle. The repairs to PS’s vehicle exceeded the sum of $9,200.
Washington law provides that the following driver has the duty to avoid a collision with the driver in front. See Washington Pattern Jury Instruction (WPI) 70.04. ER was negligent when he slammed into the back of PS’s vehicle. PS sustained personal injuries as a result of the collision.
PS sustained the following injuries in this accident:
  • Cervical Strain post MVA.
  • Lumbar Strain post MVA.
  • Thoracic Strain post MVA
PS is 27 years-old. He lives in Everett, Washington. PS is employed with in the healthcare industry as a Senior Compensation Analyst. In his spare time PS enjoys playing basketball, golf and doing home improvement projects.
PS suffered considerable loss of enjoyment of life by having to experience constant and continuous pain and discomfort as a result of his injuries. PS was forced to work less hours than before the collision, take more breaks to stretch his muscles and attend doctor appointments. 
In his home life, PS was unable to continue with his physical activities. He was incapable of performing various projects around the house and participating in other leisure activities such as basketball and golf. He could not sit for long periods of time, causing his difficulty with his normal daily activities.
To date, PS’s activities are limited due to his injuries. He has just recently been able to continue with many of his activities and hobbies he enjoyed doing before this collision. He missed training for the golf season and participating in the winter basketball league. PS hired car accident attorney Chris Davis to help him in submitting a claim to the Unitrin Insurance Company.
Mr. Davis, the founder and principal personal injury lawyer at Seattle-based Davis Law Group, has had considerable success negotiating for fair and reasonable financial compensation on behalf of his clients.