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Accident Report: Burien Rear-End Collision

On August 30, 2006 JG was stopped at the intersection of 4th Avenue and 122nd in Burien, Washington, waiting for traffic to clear before executing a left turn. While watching for traffic, JG was unexpectedly struck from the rear. Following the collision, the unknown driver and his passengers fled the scene on foot, leaving their vehicle abandoned. 

Washington law provides that the drivers on the road have the duty to exercise ordinary care and avoid causing a collision. JG did nothing to contribute to the cause of the crash and could do nothing to avoid the collision. The unknown driver was negligent when he failed to stop for traffic, failed to be attentive while driving his vehicle, and failed in the safe operation of his vehicle which resulted in his collision into our client. Furthermore, he fled from the scene of an accident.

As a direct result of the hit and run collision, JG sustained injuries to her neck, shoulder, back, and associated body structures. Specific details regarding these injuries are outlined below.

Car Accident Injuries

• Cervical strain/sprain and subluxations with in tenderness, pain, muscle spasms, and limited range of motion. Whiplash injury with resultant ligamentous instability and acceleration of spinal disc disease with radicular symptoms into hands
• Back strain/sprain and subluxations with tenderness, pain, muscle spasms, and limited range of motion (thoracic and lumbar regions) resulting in ligamentous instability and acceleration of spinal disc disease.

• Shoulder strain/sprain (left) with pain, tenderness, limited range of motion, and pain radiating down arm
• Knee contusion from striking against objects in the vehicle
• Rib pain from seat belt restrain during collision impact
• Headaches
• Sleep disturbances/fatigue

JG is a 30 year old married woman who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Hobbies include music, movies, and being active outdoors. These activities have become more difficult as a result of her injuries related to the car accident.

JG hired Seattle car accident lawyer Chris Davis in order to secure payment for damages that have been incurred as a result of the injuries she sustained in the collision. Chris Davis, the founder and principal attorney at Davis Law Group, has succesfully gone head-to-head with Progressive insurance and obtained fair and reasonable financial compensation for his clients.