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Accident Report: Bellevue Parking Garage Accident

In March 2003, S.B. was driving her car down 102nd Avenue in Bellevue. She braked, signaled and proceeded to make a right-hand turn into the underground parking garage of the University Book Store. While making the turn, S.B.’s vehicle was struck from behind by E.B. E.B. was was driving a 1995 Toyota Camry. He slammed his vehicle into S.B.’s 2002 Ford Focus. . E.B. was negligent when he slammed into the back of S.B’s vehicle. Washington law provides that the following driver has the duty to avoid a collision with the driver in front.

S.B. sustained the following injuries in this accident:

1) Sprain/strain of the cervical spine with associated subluxation complexes
2) Sprain/strain of the thoracic spine with associated subluxation complexes
3) Sprain/strain of the lumbosacral spine with associated subluxation complexes
4) Myospasm
5) Lack of normal cervical curve
6) Decreased range of motion
7) Muscle spasms
8) Headaches
9) Sleeplessness

S.B. hired Bellevue accident attorney Chris Davis and the Davis Law Group to handle the insurance claim and settlement negotiations with USAA Insurance.

*initials are being used to protect the identity of the parties involved.