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Accident Report: Bellevue N.E. 8th Street Rear-end Accident

In August 2000 LK-Y was sitting passenger in a car that was stopped behind a long line of traffic at a red light on N.E. 8th Street in Bellevue, Washington when the car was struck from behind by GM. GM was cited for “inattention to driving” after carelessly rear-ending the LK-Y.

LK-Y and her friend, the driver, were engaged in a conversation when their car was unexpectedly hit. The impact was very severe, and according to LK-Y “it felt like the car had been pushed forward and back like it shuttered.” LK-Y was tossed back and forth upon impact. She recalled hitting the rear of her left shoulder against the back of the seat and stuck her right leg out to brace herself.

The careless driving of GM left LK-Y with serious physical and mental disturbances. Due to the accident, LK-Y suffered neck pain, back pain, stiffness in hip and pain in her thigh, etc. A summary of her injuries is outlined below.

Car Accident Injuries:

-left sided neck/ upper back pain, into left upper trapezius and shoulder and left mid-back, which is constant
-left arm achiness to wrist and posterior lateral hand, which is frequent. Constant limitation of movement in left arm, due to pain.
-left 4th and 5th finger numbness and weakness, which occurs throughout the day.

- Headaches in the right suboccipital and frontal region, which occur approximately 1 time per week lasting 1-2 hours to all day.

LK-Y was a 59-year-old female world champion bench presser in her age group with no prior history of shoulder problems. Prior to the accident, LK-Y had been training intensively to compete in the November 2000 World Association of Benchpress and Dead Lift World Championship. She spent much of her time babysitting her young grandchildren so her daughter-in-law could work 3-5 days a month.

LK-Y loved to hike high country/ wilderness areas with a friend every weekend. She also loved to dance and travel. All of these activities and hobbies were difficult to do after the accident. LK-Y continues to endure pain from this motor vehicle collision. She had to fight depression, anxiety, irritability, loss of independence, etc. She had lost more than two precious years of activities, companionships, pleasures and goals that were the structure for her life.

After trying to work with insurance adjustors on her own LK-Y finally hired car accident attorney Chris Davis from the Davis Law Group to help her pursue the claim against GM for fair and reasonable financial compensation for her injuries and medical expenses.