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Looking for free information about personal injury law? We have a variety of helpful articles designed to address some of the common issues facing accident victims which you can find below.

We also offer a series of free legal guides through the Washington Accident Books public education program. These books provide answers to a variety of frequently-asked questions and caution against the common mistakes people make after an accident. 

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  • Volume 2, Issue 4 - Davis Law Group Newsletter - May 2008 IN THIS ISSUE: Buying Car Insurance In Washington State; Kids, Car Accidents and Injuries; Safe Driving: How Germany compares to the US; Trains, Planes, and German Automobiles; Honesty Is The Best Policy; Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month; National Safe Boating Week; The Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Accident Case
  • Jury Service in Washington State Civil Trials Learn more about the important role juries play in Washington State civil cases such as personal injury lawsuits.
  • Volume 2, Issue 3 - Davis Law Group Newsletter - April 2008 IN THIS ISSUE: Secrets Kept From Juries: What They Never Know During Trial; $362,500 Jury Verdict—Insurance Company’s Last Offer $50,000; April 22nd is Earth Day—-What Can You Do?; Davis Law Group Welcomes a new legal assistant; Seattle University Law School Asks Davis To Speak; Ask The Attorney: Dog Bites; Facts & Figures: Back-Over Accidents & Kids
  • Medical Mistakes: What ever happened to "do no harm"? Every doctor makes the promise to “do no harm.” But doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, nursing homes, and hospitals do make mistakes. And a shocking report from the Institute of Medicine shows medical mistakes are a common occurrence and pose potentially life-threatening risks for patients. If medical mistakes were counted among the leading causes of death in America, they would be eighth on the list.
  • Fireworks Accident and Injury Statistics Fourth of July fireworks injury lawsuit lawyer. Fireworks accident statistics. Serious injuries, death, and burns from fireworks explosions.
  • Common Misconceptions And Myths About Personal Injury Cases Most people are very surprised to learn about certain facts and procedures that occur in our legal system, and that are very common in personal injury claims.
  • Malingering and Personal Injury Lawsuits Malingering is the purposeful exaggeration of physical or psychological complaints with the goal of receiving a reward.
  • The Truth About Tort Reform You may have seen articles and news stories claiming that “runaway jury awards” and “greedy trial lawyers” are causing medical malpractice premiums to skyrocket, thereby driving doctors out of Washington State. Doctors around the state are “demanding” that our two Senators and state legislators enact “caps” on jury verdicts to prevent malpractice relates from rising. THESE CLAIMS ARE FALSE.
  • Crashes vs. Congestion - What's the Cost to Society? (AAA) When American motorists talk about transportation problems, they generally key in on traffic. Snarled highways, epic commutes, and gridlocked business and commercial districts mar our suburban existence, weighing heavily upon our elected leaders, our policymakers, and our families. Yet there’s a more costly problem to be addressed on America’s roads: motor vehicle crashes. In 2006, traffic crashes killed 42,642 people in the United States – about 117 deaths per day, and nearly 5 every hour. Most Americans would be surprised to learn the societal costs associated with motor vehicle crashes significantly exceed the costs of congestion. AAA commissioned this study to examine the costs of crashes to society. The study, along with recommendations for improvements, is designed to raise awareness of the importance of transportation investments, and provide policy-makers, departments of transportation, and the public with information on the magnitude of the safety problem.
  • Volume 2, Issue 2 - Davis Law Group Newsletter - March 2008 IN THIS ISSUE: Do you have enough uninsured motorist coverage?; Why Chiropractic Care after an Accident?; Ask The Attorney: Insurance Medical Exams; Is There A Wrong-way Driving Epidemic In Washington? ; National Poison Prevention Week; WARNING: Don’t Drive While Distracted
  • Volume 2, Issue 1 - Davis Law Group Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2008 IN THIS ISSUE: Health Plan Sues Accident Victim to Get Entire Settlement Recovery; Another Pedestrian Hit and Killed In Seattle Crosswalk; Huge Demand for Accident Book; The Littlest Davis Hits The Slopes; Davis Asked to Co-Chair Auto Accident Legal Ed Seminar; Cases Of Interest
  • Schizophrenia and Traumatic Brain Injury A victim of traumatic brain injury (TBI) can endure side effects ranging from social and motor skill function failure to hearing loss.

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