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Seven secret questions that will absolutely freak out the insurance adjuster.

The insurance company wants information about you and your accident.  They want you to sign a release, give a recorded statement, answer a lot of questions, etc.  But they want this information flow to go in just one direction—from you to them. They do not want to share information with you.  Information is power.  And they want to maintain the upper hand by keeping you in the dark as much as possible.  Want to test this? 

Try asking the insurance adjuster some of the following questions:  
1. Ask the insurance company to give you a written statement stating the fact that the accident was not-your-fault but was fault-of-their-insured.   If the insurance company is unwilling to do this it is probably because they plan to argue later that it was your fault (or partly your fault). 
2. Ask the insurance adjuster for a copy of their insured's insurance policy, or some other document showing you the amount of the policy limits of their insured.  The policy limit is the maximum amount of money that they may have to make available to pay your claim. 
3. Ask the insurance company for a copy of their insured's recorded statement. Most insurance companies will want to record your statement but they will not allow you to get a copy of the statement they have taken from their own insured.
4. Ask the insurance company for copies of any statements they have taken from other witnesses who witnessed the accident and your injury. Again, they don’t want to share this information with you. 
5. Ask the insurance company about secondary insurance coverage and if there is an umbrella policy.  The insurance company will almost always try to keep this information secret.  The less you know about the insurance coverage the less they may have to pay.  Ask for a signed Affidavit from their insured stating that there is no umbrella policy.  That will really scare them.
6. Ask the insurance company if they have conducted any surveillance or investigation on you and then request a copy of any films or photographs or investigative reports they have obtained regarding your injury and regarding you.
7. Ask the insurance company if they have obtained any kind of credit information or debt information about you.  Often times the insurance companies know how much money you owe and to whom, when your payments are due and whether or not you're behind in your payments. They know that if an injured person has a lot of debt or is behind in payments it might be the perfect time to make a low-ball settlement offer. 

The insurance adjuster settles cases for a living and gets big bonuses every quarter for saving the insurance company money and settling claims for less than they are worth.  The insurance company has teams of attorneys helping them manage insurance claims.  Shouldn’t you have a lawyer fighting for your legal rights?