What should I do if I've been injured while using mass transit in Washington?

Mass transportation accidents often include charter and commuter buses, subways, trolleys, trains, and even light rail vehicles.

Common causes of mass transit accidents include operator or driver error; train derailment; collisions with other trains, vehicles or passengers; sudden breaking; excessive speed; doors closing on passengers; slip and fall on trains or platforms; improper maintenance of equipment; defective equipment and mechanical failures.

A person or plaintiff who has been injured in a mass transit accident may bring a claim for personal injury if their injuries were caused by an act of negligence. If the injuries were caused by a defective train or bus or a component part, the plaintiff may also be able to bring a product liability claim against the manufacturer or seller of the bus, train or other equipment.

Depending on the circumstances, multiple parties may be held liable for a mass transit accident. Because several insurance policies may be involved, disputes will likely arise over coverage and which company should be held responsible for the damages. Because of the severity and complications that typically arise from insurance disputes over these types of claims, it may be beneficial to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney about your case.

It is vital that accident victims take the necessary steps to immediately to protect their rights after being injured in an accident, and a personal injury attorney will likely be able to help you navigate this difficult process. Consulting with an attorney sooner rather than later can help victims significantly when it comes to resolving liability disputes.

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