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What Is The Difference Between Attorney's Fees and Case Costs?

The term “costs” refers to those expenses that are incurred while investigating the claim and prosecuting the case in court, if necessary. Examples of typical costs include expert fees, court costs, deposition fees, record retrieval expenses, filing fees, etc.

In wrongful death cases, these costs can add up fast and in some cases easily exceed $100,000, depending on the size and/or complexity of the case. Washington law permits an attorney to advance payment for the costs and then deduct these advances from the recovery at the conclusion of the case.

This allows the client to hire an attorney without ever having to pay up front or out of pocket. Since the amount of costs incurred in a wrongful death case can be substantial, you’ll want to retain an attorney who has the financial resources to pay for them, and the ability to carry this debt over a long period of time, if necessary, as the case proceeds through litigation and possibly trial.

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