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What is Metallosis?

When someone has a mobility issue or injury that requires a medical implant like a hip replacement 

Reports of people getting sick after having medical hip or other implants, but what is metallosis and why is it so dangerous

What is Metallosis?

Metallosis is a form of metal poisoning as a result of high amounts of toxic metal in the blood resulting in extreme consequences such as bone and muscle death in the surrounding tissue. 

When metal implants like hip and knee implants rub together, small metal fragments can get rubbed off on any segments of the joint where metal meets metal causing the different materials within the implants to contaminate the blood and tissue in the area. 

Some of the most common metals found in these implants include nickel, cobalt, titanium, and chromium. 

When the levels of these toxic metals build up in a persons tissue serious health complications can occur. 

What are the Effects of Metallosis?

People who are suffering from metallosis may at first notice symptoms like hip or groin pain, numbness, weakness, swelling or difficulty walking according to the USFDA, but non localized symptoms such as skin, heart, kidney or nervous system problems could also come first. 

If untreated metallosis can cause bone loss or tissue death and require surgery to remove the necrotic tissue. 

Some cases include symptoms ranging from memory issues, headaches, anxiety, heart irregularity, and hearing loss, depending on where the build up of the toxic metal shavings takes place. 

A blood test is used to determine if someone may be suffering from metallosis where a result of greater than one part per billion to five parts per billion in the blood could be an indication of different kinds of metal contamination in the blood. 

Options For Victims Suffering From Metallosis

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