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What Can I do After a Hit-And-Run Accident on a Motorcycle?

motorcycle on dark roadUnfortunately, many drivers who cause a motorcycle accident end up leaving the scene, either because they never realized they struck someone or because they are afraid of the possible consequences of having injured someone. If police cannot find the driver who hit you, you won’t be able to go after that person’s liability insurance to cover your damages.

However, since hit-and-run is a felony crime in the state of Washington, you may be able to cover some of your medical expenses with the Washington State Crime Victims Compensation Program. The state of Washington sets aside money to help victims of violent crimes with their medical bills. If a motorcyclist dies in a hit-and-run, his family may also be able to receive some money to help with funeral expenses and grief counseling.

If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM), this may also “stack” to cover some of your damages in the event of a hit-and-run.

What To Do After You Are Hit

There are some things you may be able to do to increase your chances of being able to track down the at-fault driver after a hit-and-run. If you are conscious and not so badly injured that you need to be transported to a hospital immediately:

  • Write down everything you can remember about the vehicle, including make, model, color, and license plate information.
  • Ask any witnesses nearby for their contact information, along with everything they remember about the vehicle that hit you.
  • Call the police immediately and tell them that you were hit and the driver left the scene.
  • Take pictures of the area where you were hit.
  • Look for any traffic cameras or other surveillance camera in the area that might help police to identify the driver.
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