What Do I Do After the Insurance Company Denies My Claim?

If your personal injury claim is denied by the insurance company - whether it be your own insurance company or the company representing the person who is responsible for your injuries and other damages - the first thing that may benefit you and your family is to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney.

The reality is, there could be a number of different reasons that the insurance company denied your claim. The insurance company could be contesting liability, or in other words, whether or not they are financially responsible for the losses you have suffered.

Another reason that insurance claims can sometimes be denied is if the claimant has not submitted all of the necessary paperwork or medical records that would be used as evidence to support the injured person's claim.

Why Insurance Companies May Deny A Claim

Understand this: the insurance industry is entirely focused on generating profit for stakeholders and shareholders. Claims adjusters are paid to minimize the company's financial responsibility as much as possible. Simply put, if there is a way for the insurance adjuster to avoid paying a claimant, chances are they will do everything they can to use that to their advantage.

Insurance companies have been found to have acted unreasonably towards perfectly valid claims, meaning they denied a person's claim even if it was legitimate. When this happens, we say that the insurance company has acted in "bad faith" toward the claimant.

If an insurance company fails or refuses to honor its contract and pay a valid claim, you may have the right to bring a civil action for damages against that insurance company. In addition to suing for a "breach of contract", you might be able to bring a tort claim seeking damages based upon the insurer's "bad faith" handling of the claim.

If your personal injury claim has been denied by the insurance company, that does not necessarily mean that you are left without any options for recovering damages. These cases can quickly become extremely complex, and it may be beneficial for you to consult with a qualified attorney about your legal options moving forward.

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