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Does Washington State Have a Motorcycle Helmet Law?

Many riders see wearing a helmet as a personal choice.

Legally, wearing a helmet in Washington was optional, until 1967 when a helmet law was passed and later repealed, only to be replaced by a new law requiring helmets for riders 17 and younger. A universal helmet law was not in place until Washington state legislature passed RCW 46.37.530, in 1990.

Washington State's Motorcycle Helmet Law

Washington State law requires riders of motorcycles, mopeds, or any form of motor driven vehicle without a steering wheel, seat belts and enclosed seating area to wear a helmet.

According to RCW 46.37.530 helmets, mirrors, and glasses/ goggles/ face shields or windshields are required for motorcycle riders who do not meet very specific exceptions listed below. 



New Challenges to Washington States Motorcycle Helmet Law

Senate Bill 5007and House Bill 1125 would update helmet laws in Washington state, allowing riders over the age of 21 to ride without a helmet as long as they carry a vehicle liability policy, self insurance or a certificate of deposit/ liability bond. The bill is proposed to last for three years as a test while the Washington State Safety Traffic Commission uses the statistics gathered on fatalities during the three year pilot period to build a report that will be presented to the state legislature. 

The bill is currently in the Senate Committee on Transportation and while it was intended to go into effect in fall of 2019 it has yet to be implemented. 

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