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Should I sign the insurance company's medical authorization?

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The insurance company wants me to sign a medical authorization before they will work on my accident claim and make me a settlement offer. Should I sign?

Answer: No, no, no! 

Most medical authorizations allow the insurance company to talk to your doctors without you being present and/or access copies of all of your medical records going all the way back to your birth.  The insurance company can and will use your complete medical history to find excuses to give you less money in your accident claim.  Frankly, it is none of the insurance company's business if you had some totally unrelated medical condition in the past. 

They don't need to know if you had your gall bladder removed or if you take birth control pills or you've had some other kind of personal problem that you wanted to discuss with your doctor. If the insurance company finds something in your medical past that would embarrass you, they may use that information to their advantage. There may be a lot of personal and confidential information in your medical records that ihas nothing to do with your current injury. Why should the insurance company have the right to this information?

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