Is My Injury Claim Valid Even If There Is Minimal Damage To My Car?

injury claim minimal damageMore and more insurance companies who regularly process car accident injury claims are implementing a policy of denying bodily injury claims outright, or only offering a nominal sum to settle, when the property damage is below a certain monetary amount, like $1,000.

The first thing you should know is that there is no credible scientific support for the proposition that injury potential can be determined based on the extent of property damage caused to the vehicle.

However, these "low damage" cases may be difficult to prove in court because jurors often believe that injuries cannot occur in low speed crashes.

What To Do After A Minimal Damage Car Accident

Insurance companies will often hire self-proclaimed "experts" to help them spread the myth that low damage means little or no injury.

If you find yourself in this position, here are a few suggestions:

1. Take your car to another reliable automotive shop: This is done to determine the full extent of damage. Quite often, most of the damage will be hidden and an expert will need to dissemble the rear bumper and check the vehicle for all possible signs of impact.

2. Adequately document all damage and all evidence: Do this immediately after a collision occurred. This means taking photographs and compiling a thorough repair estimate.

3. Do not repair the vehicle: Hold pat on this. Also, do not accept a property damage settlement until you have spoken to an attorney.

You need to hire experienced counsel in these accidents. A lawsuit is probably inevitable, and it's best to have an attorney fighting for your rights.

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