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Can Lane Confusion Cause Construction Work Zone Accidents?

Construction work zones have taken over city streets and freeways with cones and hastily redirected lane lines littering the street to attempt to keep drivers safe, but what happens when construction confusion causes a collision? 

In our state in particular construction has long had a grip on portions of some of our most frequently traveled freeways including I-5 as well as I-90. 

If a driver is confused by dubious markings in a construction zone they may have a claim.  

Workzone Accidents 

Accidents can occur within a  construction work zone for a number of reasons, including driver mistakes like not slowing properly or not following traffic guides.

These work areas are necessary for the process of maintaining, updating, and adding to existing road structures in our state, and the traffic revisions put in place while work is being done should be designed to keep both drivers and workers safe. 

Workers must have barriers and diversions set in a matter that matches various regulations and standards for these safety purposes.  

Failing to do so could not only endanger the lives of the workers on site but drivers attempting to maneuver through a mess of cones and faded out lane lines. 

Construction confusion can be as simple as drivers slowing down as they attempt to figure out the proper way to maneuver through a particular diversion or drivers missing a merge or lane closure that was not properly or adequately signaled. 

How Do You Know If You Have A Claim?

Not every accident in a work zone is due to construction work zone confusion, as driver error may still cause accidents while all regulations are followed.

Accident victims who have been injured in work zone accidents should seek expert opinions from experienced car accident attorneys who know what it takes to pursue a claim against the Department of transportation

By conducting an in-depth investigation into the potential claim as well as any relevant rules and regulations for construction work zones an experienced personal injury attorney can determine the best possible path forward for a claim and build a case on behalf of the victims while they focus on simply recovering from their injuries. 

If you have been injured in a construction zone accident and have questions about your potential claim, the experienced construction accident attorneys at Davis Law Group are here to help. 

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