How Does a Wrongful Death Insurance Claim Work?

To recover the best settlement, you should know how the insurance company does business. As you already know, the reason any insurance company exists to make a profit. This is the carrier’s primary goal – to make as much money as possible for its executives and shareholders.

In its most simplistic form, the insurance company must take in more money than it pays out. Thus, the insurance company will focus on selling more policies and minimizing its liabilities. Any claim is a liability because it means the insurance company has to pay out money to settle the claim.

The insurance adjustor’s job is to settle claims for as little as possible while other people working for the company (e.g., sales people) try to sell more policies. If the adjustor can spot a defense or weakness in your claim, then his or her job is to make sure the defense or weakness is exploited to the fullest extent possible so that any payout will be minimized.

Insurance Adjusters' Tricks in Wrongful Death Claims

Sometimes an insurance adjustor can actually manufacture a defense or claim in the case. This is done by obtaining favorable statements from you and other witnesses. This could include recovering or eliminating favorable evidence that might help your claim. While the methods used by an insurance company may be ethical, sometimes they are not. I have handled cases where the carrier has deliberately “lost” favorable evidence. Whatever the method used to gather evidence, just remember that the carrier is looking for any way to reduce its payout.

To achieve your goal of recovering a fair and reasonable settlement you must provide the adjustor with strong reasons that it should pay out more to settle the claim rather than less. This may be accomplished by providing the adjustor with certain information or documentation to support your claim. There are certain pieces of information that may be more persuasive than others. How relevant the information is  depends on the facts of the case and the status of the law that applies to the claim.

Keep in mind that the more persuasive the evidence submitted to support the claim, the higher the likelihood of a more favorable settlement recovery. Having an experienced attorney working in your corner gives you the absolute best chance of securing a favorable outcome in your case.

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