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How Do I Find The Right Semi-Truck Accident Attorney?

Being involved in a semi-truck accident is one of the worst things that can occur on the road. Any accident is bad, but when a semi-truck is part of the collision, the result is often catastrophic. 

After a semi-truck accident, not only are there usually mountains of medical bills, but victims often face a long road to recovery. Long-term medical treatment can be needed, including multiple surgeries and physical therapy. Once a victim has physically healed, there are oftentimes emotional scars that linger. Many people that experience a semi-truck accident have post-traumatic stress.

The fallout from a semi-truck accident makes recovering damages more important. The serious nature of these events requires a semi-truck accident lawyer with the experience, knowledge and confidence to combat the trucking company and its lawyers. Here are several tips for picking the right attorney for your semi-truck case.

1. Start looking ASAP: It’s a good idea to have any type of accident case started as soon as possible, but it’s especially important in semi-truck accident cases. Trucking companies and their lawyers are extremely aggressive in defending their drivers, sometimes going to the scene just hours after the accident and offering victims lowball settlements. The sooner you have someone on your side fighting for you, the better.

2. Look at the attorney’s experience: Negotiating with a trucking company and its lawyers requires a lot of experience. Knowing what evidence to collect and pitfalls to avoid is key for your attorney to win you the highest possible settlement. A lawyer that has gone up against trucking companies and isn’t afraid to go to trial is paramount.

3. Ask questions and do research: Hiring a semi-truck lawyer might be the biggest decision you ever make. Hiring a flashy lawyer that promises a certain settlement amount or tells you the case will be settled quickly isn’t the right person for you. 

4. Make sure the attorney has resources: Not all attorneys are created equal. The right attorney that can win your semi-truck case should be in the financial position to hire the necessary experts, take depositions and invest properly in your case. These cases sometimes take years to settle, and some go to trial. Make sure your attorney has the resources to see your case through to the end.

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For more than 25 years, Davis Law Group, P.S., has successfully helped countless victims of semi-truck crashes caused by negligent drivers. Attorney Chris Davis has the experience needed to go up against trucking companies and their aggressive lawyers, having won cases at trial and recovered millions of dollars in settlements for his clients.

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