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How To Look Up A Trucking Company's Safety Record & Accident History

After a trucking accident, every bit of evidence is necessary for accident victims to build their claims against trucking companies and drivers, including the safety record of the trucking company. 

If a trucking company has a history of being unsafe, that can be a contributing factor to a jury finding them negligent in a car accident case. Truckers have a higher duty of care than the average person, meaning that it is even more important for the trucking company to ensure their trucks and drivers are safe. 

Why Are Trucking Companies' Records Important?

A safety record from the trucking company can provide context for: 

  • The truck's maintenance history, including whether the trucking company complied with FMCSA regulations 
  • Previous safety ratings and crash data
  • Any roadside inspection data or crash reports
  • Whether any investigations of the compnay have taken place
  • Hiring practices, emplyee training, and driver supervision 
  • Use of background checks, driver qualification verification checks, and a review process for checking the truck driver's logs

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) tracks and monitors the safety records of truckers and trucking companies for safety and compliance issues across the country. 

How To Request A Trucking Company's Safety Records & Accident History

Accident victims can request the safety records at the FMCSA website.

Regardless of the safety record being available to request, it is still always best to consult with an attorney experienced in commerical trucking accicdent cases. They can use their leverage as a lawyer to get trucking companies to cooperate, or if necessary, get a subpoena that legally forces them to cooperate. 

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