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Are Personal Injury Victims Eligible for the Washington State Crime Victims Compensation Program?

The impact an accident can have on the life of an accident victim can be massive and insurance may not always meet the needs of a victim after a crash. Could victims turn to the Washington State crime victims compensation program to help with their recovery?

What is the Washington State Crime Victims Compensation Program?

Established in 1973 the Washington State Crime Victims Compensation Program was developed to provide financial compensation for crime victims to help cover any number of expenses that could result from crimes from healthcare costs to funeral expenses. 

The funds are designated to cover expenses like medical and dental coverage, counseling, partial wage loss and even things like co-pays and deductibles that other insurance would not cover. 

The maximum claim value is $190,000 with specific limits set for different categories of funds like a $150,000 limit for medical/ mental health treatment, and a limit of 60% of lost wages.

The program does not offer funds for things such as identity theft, personal property or crime scene cleanup. 

Who is Eligible for the Washington State Crime Victims Compensation Program?

Victims of gross misdemeanor or felony crimes that resulted in physical injury or mental health trauma in the state of Washington are eligible for the program, meaning accident victims where the at fault driver is cited for serious offenses like DUI, reckless driving,  and failure to remain at the scene (hit and run). 

This means that if a driver was not cited in a crash and is not found to have committed a similar gross misdemeanor or felony to those listed above, an accident victim may not be eligible for the program.

If an accident victim does believe they are eligible, they have up to two years to submit an application in some cases and five years in others, or minors can file within two years of their 18th birthday.  

There are exclusions that would apply disqualifying applicants who sustained injuries while incarcerated, in the act of committing a felony, or if the injuries came as a result of your own incitement, provocation or even consent. 

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