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Parking Lot Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Settled For $350,000

fred meyer parking lot pedestrian accident settlementA settlement as been reached on behalf of the teenaged victim of a Fred Meyer parking lot pedestrian accident that took place several years ago in south King County, Washington.  

Although a lawsuit had been filed in the Superior Court of King County and a trial date had been set, attorney Chris Davis, founder of Davis Law Group, P.S., and his legal team have successfully negotiated a pre-trial settlement that totals more than $350,000.  

Details Of Parking Lot Pedestrian Collision

The plaintiff/accident victim had been standing outside the vehicle in the parking lot, technically as a pedestrian.  She attempted to enter the vehicle driven by the defendant through a rear passenger door that had been open.  As she was entering the backseat and had only one foot established inside the driver unexpectedly drove the vehicle forward. 

The moving vehicle pushed or forced her to the ground outside of the moving vehicle.  The driver continued to drive the vehicle forward while she yelled for him to stop.  He did not stop. 

He continued moving the vehicle forward where it ran over her right ankle and leg.  Her lower leg and ankle were pinned and crushed beneath the rear wheel of the vehicle.

An Accident Victim's Journey To Justice

The victim suffered serious injuries that required surgeries to insert plates and screws as well as an extensive hospital stay.  She needed additional surgery to remove the hardware and months of physical therapy.    

Although the case settled before trial, it was necessary to file a lawsuit in order to force Pemco Mutual Insurance Company and Country Financial Insurance to take the case seriously and agree to settle for an amount that would fairly compensate the victim for her injuries and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. 

The total settlement amount was $350,000. Pemco Insurance paid $100,000 and Country Financial paid $250,000.  Additional settlement amounts are forthcoming.

Case Number: 201316
Court: Superior Court of King County for Washington
Lawsuit Filed: 10/9/2017

Pedestrian injured in a south King County Fred Meyer parking lot when a car ran over her foot settles for $350,000.