Exceptional Results For Victims/Survivors of Medical Malpractice

Below are just a few of the many personal injury and wrongful death settlements, arbitration awards, and jury verdicts that have been successfully resolved by Davis Law Group.

  • $1.6 Million Settlement For Medication Error    
  • $1 Million Settlement In Medical Transport Negligence Case
  • $700,000 Settlement For Infant Burned By Hospital Medical Mistakes
  • $150,000 Settlement For Fall In Hospital/Medical Mistake                            
  • $125,000 Settlement For Hospital Fall     
  • $100,000 For Fall At Hospital/Medical Mistake

Note: Due to confidentiality clauses in many settlement agreements, we are sometimes unable to share detailed information about many of the cases that we handle on our website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: At this time Davis Law Group is temporarily NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CASES against doctors, hospitals, clinics or other medical providers.  However, we are accepting claims involving defective medical products and/or bad drugs.  

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  • $1.6 Million Settlement for Hospital Medication Error A Washington State hospital over-prescribed a dangerous narcotic drug to a teenager who later died from the medication. Attorney Chris Davis recovered a $1.6 million settlement for the boy’s family.
  • $700,000 Settlement for Infant Burned by Hospital A seven-week-old infant suffered 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns on her arm after a nurse at a Seattle-area hospital left a heating pad on her arm for 5-7 minutes. Davis Law Group recovered a $700,000 settlement for the girl's past and future medical costs as well as the injuries she was forced to endure.
  • $125,000 Settlement for Victim of Hospital Fall We successfully recovered a $125,000 settlement for a young man who was severely injured after falling in a Western Washington hospital. A nursing expert confirmed the hospital was negligent and failed to properly care for the patient.