Dog Bite & Attack Victims' Stories

Being attacked by a dog can be a very emotionally traumatizing experience, in addition to the serious physical injuries our clients are constantly working to recover from. Injured victims hire the award-winning dog bite attorneys at Davis Law Group, P.S. to help them pursue justice when negligent dog owners cause them harm.  

Attorney Christopher M. Davis literally wrote the book on civil dog bite law, "When The Dog Bites: The Essential Guide To Dog Bite Claims In Washington," in hopes of educating everyone in Washington state about their legal rights and options in the event of personal injury from a dog or animal attack. 

Below are just a few of the many personal injury and wrongful death settlements, arbitration awards, and jury verdicts that have been successfully resolved by the award-winning attorneys at Davis Law Group. 

  • $975,000 Settlement for Man Who Died from Dog Bite Read The Client Story
  • $600,000 Person Injured In Dog Attack (Case No. 200598, Insurance Company: Grange)
  • $500,000 Settlement in Pit Bull Mauling Attack Read The Client Story
  • $300,000 Dog Attack (Case No. 200748, Insurance Company: State Farm)
  • $250,000 Dog Bite / Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200129, Insurance Company: California Casualty)
  • $200,000 Dog Attacks Unsuspecting Victim (Case No. 200819, Insurance Company: Allstate)
  • $200,000 Confidential Dog Bite Case (Case No. 200931, Insurance Company: American Bankers of Florida)
  • $187,500 Settlement for Dog Bite Victim
  • $150,000 Woman Attacked By Pit Bull Mix (Case No. 200670, Insurance Company: Mutual of Enumclaw)
  • $150,000 Woman Attacked By Pit Bull (Case No. 200534, Insurance Company: Farmers)
  • $150,000 Man Attacked By Pitbull Mix (Case No. 200604, Insurance Company: American Bankers of Florida)
  • $127,000 Man Attacked By Dog (Case No. 201063, Insurance Company: Pemco)
  • $125,000 For Dog Bite on Arms & Legs
  • $100,000 Settlement for Dog Attack Victim Bitten on the Face
  • $90,000 Man Attacked By Neighbor's Unleashed Dog (Case No. 200582, Insurance Company: Allstate)
  • $80,000 Woman Bitten By Unleashed Dog (Case No. 200533, Insurance Company: Farmers)
  • $70,000 Dog Bites Young Boy (Case No. 200980, Insurance Company: State Farm)
  • $66,700 Dog Bites Woman On Face (Case No. 200421, Insurance Company: Allstate)
  • $60,000 Dog Bites Woman Walking Near Home (Case No. 200754, Insurance Company: State Farm)
  • $42,431 Pedestrian Walking Dogs Hit By Minivan From Behind (Case No. 200560, Insurance Company: State Farm)

Note: Due to confidentiality clauses in many settlement agreements, we are sometimes unable to share detailed information about many of the cases that we handle on our website.