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Davis Law Group Gets $313,000 Settlement For Woman Hit While Crossing the Street

Our client was crossing the street using a marked crosswalk when a driver made a right turn striking her to the ground and sending her to the hospital with a broken wrist as well as other injuries including head and shoulder injuries.

When our client arrived in the hospital she received a splint for her wrist, X-rays to the head and ankle and blood tests before being released with a cast and beginning her long road to recovery. 

Recovering From A Pedestrian Accident

Being released from the hospital after an accident is only the first episode of a long that involved years of doctors appointments, physical therapy and examinations.

Our client was in a cast for more than a month after the accident and after it was removed began physical therapy twice a week for more than 5 months.

After all of the treatments and therapy, with healing still to be done Davis Law Group began to evaluate the total damages and start the negotiating phase with the at fault parties insurance provider. 

Settling a Pedestrian Accident Claim

Now with all the treatment competed Davis Law Group began to determine the total damages associated with the case and send counter offers after State Farm's initial offer of just $31,000. 

Our team of expert pedestrian accident attorneys knew that our client was facing approximately $50,000 in medical costs alone and that would have fallen on her to pay after the accident that was not her fault. 

Through a complex investigation and long negotiation progress Davis Law Group increased the settlement offer in effect 10 times the initial offer to reach a total settlement of  $313,000 for our client.

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Davis Law Group has negotiated a $313,000 settlement for a woman who was struck by a car while crossing the street in a marked crosswalk.

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