City of Seattle Pays $75,000 for Burke-Gilman Trail Bicycle Accident

The Burke-Gilman Trail has an unfinished portion between the intersections of NW 45th Street and 11th Ave NW and the intersection of 32nd Ave NW and NW 54th.  The City of Seattle has known that hundreds of bicycle crashes have occurred at Shilshole Avenue N.W. under the Ballard Bridge since 1999 as a result of bicyclists attempting to ride across the railroad tracks.  There have been numerous accidents, injury claims, lawsuits, studies, etc. of the site over the last decade.  A story appeared in the Ballard News on June 27, 2001, entitled “Bicyclists Beware: This isn’t the Groove You Want to Be In,” describing bicycle crashes caused by the acute angle of the railroad tracks under the Ballard Bridge.  In 2010, our client passed under the Ballard Bridge, the front wheel of his bicycle became lodged in one of the railroad tracks, and caused the plaintiff to catapult off his bike and land on the ground with extreme force.  As a result of the crash, our client suffered severe bodily injuries including a severe right ankle/tibia fracture and also incurred damages.  Davis Law Group filed suit in the case and was able to recover at $75,000 settlement for our client.   

$75,000 Settlement