Semi Truck Accident Settlements & Verdicts

No two motor vehicle collisions are alike, and the same is especially true for semi-truck accidents. Because of this, the settlement amount in a semi-truck, big rig, 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicle case is extremely difficult to estimate at the outset of a case. But make no mistake, because of the size of semi-trucks and the catastrophic nature of these crashes, the damages are often high and the settlement amounts can reach the millions.

semi truck settlementWhat Is An Average Semi-Truck Accident Settlement?

Countless factors determine the value of a semi-truck accident case. Each one of those factors has a direct correlation to the eventual settlement amount a victim receives. Because of that, it’s impossible to say what the “average” settlement is. 

The main factors that influence your final settlement in a semi-truck accident case are:

  • The injuries you sustained. Semi-truck accidents kill thousands of people and injure many more each year. 
  • The medical treatment that you received
  • The economic damages sustained, such as cost of medical treatment, lost wages, future earning potential, etc.
  • Any non-economic, emotional damages or losses you suffered (i.e. pain and suffering)

Of course, additional things often come into play. One of the largest factors – and one that every victim can control – is the quality of legal representation they receive. Hiring the right semi-truck accident attorney is critical.

Below are just a few of the many personal injury and wrongful death settlements, arbitration awards, and jury verdicts that have been successfully resolved by Davis Law Group, P.S. Founding attorney Chris Davis has been representing semi-truck accident victims for nearly 25 years, and he literally wrote the book on how victims and their families should handle these cases. The book, "Long Haul to Justice: The Accident Victim's Guide To Semi-Truck Injury Claims," answers common legal questions that people and their loved ones may have about their legal rights, including how to handle your claim on your own and when you might need an attorney's help.

$3,000,000 Wrongful Death of Bicyclist Hit By A Truck (Case No. 201018, Insurance Company: Travelers)

$2,000,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Involving A Dump Truck (Case No. 200511, Insurance Company: Sentry Insurance)

$2,000,000 Settlement for Victim of Semi-Truck Accident Read The Client Story

$1,550,000 Rear-End Accident Caused By Delivery Truck (Case No. 200696, Insurance Company: Liberty Mutual)

$600,000 Vehicle Struck By Commerical Vehicle (Case No. 201114, Insurance Company: Canal)

$600,000 Vehicle Rear-Ended By Semi Truck (Case No. 200393, Insurance Company: Great West)

$450,000 Rear-Ended By Semi Truck (Case No. 200516, Insurance Company: Confidential)

$360,000 Semi Truck Hits Car On I-90 (Case No. 200497, Insurance Company: Northland)

$335,000 Construction Truck Causes Car A Accident (Case No. 200269, Insurance Company: Confidential)

$300,000 Settlement in Asleep-At-The-Wheel Delivery Truck Accident

$298,365 Delivery Truck Causes Accident (Case No. 200306, Insurance Company: The Hartford)

$250,000 Settlement For Semi Truck Accident Victim That Lost Testicle Gets

$245,000 Injured By Mail / Postal Truck (Case No. 200101, Insurance Company: Confidential)

$200,000 Semi Truck Strikes Low Clearance Overpass Causing Crash (Case No. 200573, Insurance Company: Allstate)

$150,000 Rear-Ended By Rented Moving Truck (Case No. 200624, Insurance Company: Allstate)

$150,000 Commercial Truck Backs Into Car (Case No. 200342, Insurance Company: The Hartford)

$150,000 Settlement for Victim of Semi-Truck Accident

$100,000 Rear-Ended Twice By Same Truck (Case No. 200225, Insurance Company: Safeco)

$100,000 Rear-Ended By Freight Truck In Stop-And-Go Traffic (Case No. 200697, Insurance Company: Liberty Mutual)

$84,000 Car Rear-Ended By Semi Truck (Case No. 200759, Insurance Company: State Farm)

$70,000 Commercial Truck Turns Into Car (Case No. 201098, Insurance Company: Nationwide)

$68,000 Delivery Truck Hits Another Commercial Vehicle (Case No. 200636, Insurance Company: State Farm)

$65,000 Rear-End Crash Pushes Truck Into Oncoming Traffic (Case No. 200432, Insurance Company: State Farm)

$50,000 Truck Turns Left Into Oncoming Vehicle (Case No. 201268, Insurance Company: Kemper Specialty)

$50,000 Rear-Ended By Semi Truck (Case No. 200490, Insurance Company: Great West)

$50,000 5-Car Accident Caused By Semi Truck (Case No. 200536, Insurance Company: United Insurance Group)

$40,840 Utility Truck Side Swipes Vehicle On I-5 (Case No. 200325, Insurance Company: State Farm)

$40,000 Semi Truck Fails To Yield Causes Crash (Case No. 200868, Insurance Company: Western National Assurance)

Note: Due to confidentiality clauses in many settlement agreements, we are sometimes unable to share detailed information about many of the cases that we handle on our website.