Bicycle Accident Settlements & Verdicts

Below are just a few of the many bicycle accident cases that have been successfully resolved by Davis Law Group

$3,000,000 Wrongful Death of Bicyclist Hit By A Box Truck (Case No. 201018, Insurance Company: Travelers)

$900,000 Wrongful Death of Bicyclist Hit By Teen Driver (Case No. 200267, Insurance Company: Liberty Mutual)

$650,000 Bicycle Accident In Shopping Center Parking Lot (Case No. 200862, Insurance Company: Travelers)

$600,000 Man On Bicycle Struck In Bike Lane (Case No. 200146, Insurance Company: K&K Insurance Group)

$550,000 Bicycle Rider Struck By Car (Case No. 201007, Insurance Company: Safeco)

$500,000 Seattle Bicycle Rider Struck By Vehicle (Case No. 201211, Insurance Company: Safeco)

$420,000 Settlement For 7 yr old Hit on Bicycle Read The Client Story

$300,000 Bicycle Hit By Vehicle Exiting Driveway (Case No. 200617, Insurance Company: Farmers)

$300,000 Cyclist Killed In Kirkland By Distracted Driver Read The Client Story

$300,000 Man On Bicycle Hit By Company Car Read The Client Story

$250,000 Hit While Riding In A Marked Seattle Bicycle Lane (Case No. 201211, Insurance Company: Safeco)

$160,000 Settlement For Severe Ankle Injury From Bicycle Collision Read The Client Story

$100,000 Bicycle Hit By Van Turning In Front (Case No. 200549, Insurance Company: Allstate)

$75,000 Bicycle Hit My Motor Vehicle (Case No. 200081, Insurance Company: Great American)

$75,000 Settlement Paid by City of Seattle Pays For Bicycle Accident

$62,000 Boy On Bicycle Hit While Riding In Neighborhood (Case No. 200647, Insurance Company: Pemco)

$50,000 Bicycle Hit By Opening Car Door (Case No. 201134, Insurance Company: GEICO)