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$500,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Victim

motorcycle accident settlementOur client, Skip, suffered a number of serious injuries including a traumatic brain injury and facial fractures as a result of a high-speed motorcycle accident in Washington state.
Skip hired Davis Law Group to represent him and his family in a claim against the at-fault driver and her insurance company. Our investigation revealed that the at-fault driver made a sudden and illegal U-Turn in front of our client, which led us to file a lawsuit against the driver and his insurance company.

Facts of Motorcycle Accident

Skip was a 57-year-old avid motorcyclist at the time of the collision that seriously altered his life. In October 2012, Skip was driving his motorcycle on a busy road in Pierce County when the driver directly ahead of him activated her right-hand turn signal and began to pull over to the right shoulder of the roadway.

As the driver pulled to the shoulder, Skip moved into the oncoming lane of traffic in a lawful attempt to pass the driver’s vehicle. But as Skip began passing the car, the other driver suddenly made a sharp U-Turn to the left and caused Skip to collide with the back end of the vehicle.

The impact of the collision forced Skip to be ejected from his motorcycle and into the street where he suffered serious and life-altering injuries. In addition to seven broken ribs, a broken collar bone and several facial fractures, Skip also suffered a punctured lung and a traumatic brain injury that resulted in internal bleeding of the brain.

Recovery and Dealing with the Insurance Company

Skip spent several days at the hospital receiving extensive treatment and recovering from his injuries. He underwent surgery to repair his broken collarbone and also to affix a large plate to his ribcage to help the broken ribs heal. In total, Skip accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills alone. He was also forced to miss several months of work due to the extent of his injuries.

After several months of rehabilitation and recovering from his many injuries, Skip eventually realized the costs of his medical bills and found that the insurance company was doing everything in its power to devalue his case. He interviewed several attorneys in the Seattle area and decided to place his confidence in the personal injury lawyers at Davis Law Group, P.S.  

Our firm spent nearly two years fighting for Skip and his family, and we were eventually forced to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and her insurance company, Allstate. Allstate eventually decided it would be in its own best interests to settle the case ahead of a scheduled jury trial.

We recovered a $500,000 settlement on behalf of Skip and his family, which covered the extensive medical bills he had accumulated and also compensated him for his lost wages and pain and suffering as a result of his injuries. 

DLG Case No: 200566

Brief Case Summary

We recovered a $500,000 settlement for Skip, a motorcyclist who was critically injured after the driver in front of him made an illegal U-Turn and clipped his bike. (Case No: 200566)