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$400,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Hit in Marked Crosswalk

pedestrian accident settlementOn January 9, 2013, our client A.G. was crossing Meridian Avenue North in Shoreline in a marked crosswalk with the crossing signal in his favor. At the same time, a Swedish Edmonds hospital employee was driving a vehicle registered to the hospital eastbound on N. 200th Street towards Meridian Avenue North.

The driver attempted to make a left-hand turn onto Meridian Avenue North on a solid green light and struck A.G. as he was walking in the marked crosswalk. A.G. hired Davis Law Group to represent him in a personal injury claim for the pedestrian accident, which left him with serious injuries that required multiple surgical procedures.

At the scene of the collision, the at-fault driver admitted in a sworn statement to police that he was not wearing the prescription eyeglasses or corrective lenses that he was required to wear by the Washington State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Hospital, Driver Breached Duty of Care

We argued on behalf of our client that the defendant had breached the standard duty of care and reasonability when he struck our client in a marked crosswalk with the active pedestrian signal. As a result of this negligent conduct, our client suffered physical disability and pain, emotional trauma, medical expenses, loss of earnings and earning capacity, disability, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium.

Furthermore, we argued that the hospital had failed to adequately train the defendant in the safe and proper operation of a motor vehicle. Both of these breaches of duty led to the serious and life-altering injuries that A.G. suffered.

The hospital vigorously denied the allegations and defended the claims made by our client. But after extensive negotiations with opposing counsel, the attorneys at Davis Law Group were able to recover a $400,000 settlement on behalf of our client.

Brief Case Summary:

A Swedish Hospital employee struck our client in a marked crosswalk with an active walk signal. The driver admitted to not wearing his glasses or corrective lenses while driving, and we recovered a $400,000 settlement for our client.