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$300,000 Settlement for Bicyclist Injured in Crash with Company Car

Our client, Daniel, was seriously injured in a bicycle accident on the University of Washington campus in Seattle in 2010. Daniel was lawfully riding his bicycle in a marked bike lane when he was struck by a vehicle driven by an employee of a large corporation.

As the defendant began exiting a parking lot on the university’s campus, he allegedly failed to stop at a clearly-marked stop sign. By failing to yield to our client, who had the right of way, the defendant crashed into Daniel which sent him flying up onto the hood of the defendant’s company vehicle and then onto the pavement.

Daniel suffered serious injuries as a result of the collision, including a closed head injury, torn ligaments in his hip and knee, and a severe shoulder injury.

After realizing the true extent of his injuries and that he would be fighting against a large corporation for fair compensation, Daniel decided to hire the attorneys at Davis Law Group to represent him.

Lawsuit Filed After No Cooperation from Insurance Company

The defendant failed to yield to Daniel, who had the right of way, and was working within the scope of his employment at the time of the collision. We argued that the driver was negligent in causing the collision and that he and his employer were responsible for Daniel’s significant injuries.

The defendant and their insurance company cooperated very little. We filed a lawsuit against the defendants and a trial date was set. After several additional months of discussion and negotiation with both insurance companies, the defendant determined it was in the best interests of all parties involved to avoid the significant costs of trial and settle the case.

Daniel had accrued over $80,000 in medical bills as a result of his injuries resulting from the accident, and had also lost nearly $60,000 in wages. Experts estimated the costs of future medical care and treatment to be nearly $100,000.

The insurance company agreed to settle our client’s claims for $300,000, which would be used to cover Daniel’s past medical expenses, lost wages, and future treatment. The settlement also included non-economic damages such as loss of enjoyment of life, disability, and pain & suffering.