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$250,000 Wrongful Death Settlement In Garage Crash

car through garage wall accident

Ferris Bueller-Style Garage Accident Crash

A $250,000 wrongful death settlement has been reached on behalf of the surviving family members of a 57-year-old woman who was tragically killed when a car crashed through the rear-wall of a residential garage.  

The fatal crash happened in Stevens County in Washington State in September of 2018.  

The victim was a passenger in a 2007 Chevy Silverado.  The driver was attempting to park the vehicle in a garage when he either failed to break or accelerated crashing through the wall, into the yard, through a fence and over a cliff causing the vehicle to rollover several times before coming to a stop.  The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.  

Some law enforcement officers investigating the accident referred to it as “The Ferris Bueller garage accident” due to the crash’s similarity to a scene in the iconic 80’s movie.  

Attorney Chris Davis of Davis Law Group has successfully negotiated a $250,000 wrongful death settlement with one of the insurance companies involved in the case.  Additional settlements may be reached in the near future.  Although the damages, harms and losses warrant a much higher settlement, unfortunately the at-fault party was under insured and/or does not have financial resources to pay a higher settlement.  

DLG Case Number: 202081 

A 57-year-old woman died when a car crashed through the rear-wall of a residential garage.