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$230,000 Settlement for Rear-End Car Accident Victim

Our client, a 40-year-old man with no history of serious injuries or medical complications, suffered a significant lower back injury after being rear-ended by a Washington State Patrol Trooper on Interstate 5. 

After months of medical treatment and fielding phone calls from various insurance adjusters, the victim was fed up with the personal injury claims process and was prepared to accept the insurance company's low ball settlement offer of $25,000. Instead, he decided to call the top-rated car accident attorneys at Davis Law Group for a second opinion about his case. 

Our legal team met with the victim for a complimentary legal consultation in our office, during which we explained the ins and outs of the legal process for auto accident victims and set clear expectations about how we might be able to help. We explained that due to the nature of his injuries and the responsible party, we would likely need to file a lawsuit to place additional pressure on the insurance company. 

Settlement Offer Increases After Filing Suit

After we filed suit against the defendant and their insurer, the settlement offers to our client began to become more reasonable. We continued our investigation and actually uncovered additional evidence about the defendant driver's actions in the moments leading up to the collision. 

Our attorneys and legal staff continued document our client's injuries and medical treatment as he recovered from his injuries. After more than a year of negotiations on our client's behalf, we were able to recover a $230,000 settlement that not only paid off the victim's medical bills in full, but also provided him with adequate compensation that would allow him to get his life back on track. 

$230,000 Settlement