$187,500 for Dog Bite Victim

Our client PD, a 62 year-old man, was walking on a marked trail in a park in Kennewick, Washington.  He had his dog on a leash.  Another young man came upon him with two dogs off leash.  The man’s dogs became aggressive with PD’s dog.  When PD attempted to pull his dog back and break up the fight, he lost his balance and fell.  The fall caused PD to break his hip, leading to total hip replacement surgery.  PD’s medical bills exceeded $70,000.  The defendant was insured under a homeowner’s policy issued by State Farm, who denied PD’s claim by arguing that PD was to blame for falling down on his own.  A lawsuit was then filed in Benton Co. Superior Court by local counsel.  Mr. Davis was then hired and associated on the case to offer his expertise on dog attack/bite claims.  The parties settled the case within 30 days prior to the trial date for the amount of $187,500.