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$150,000 Settlement for Fall In Hospital

Our client in this case was an 87-year-old woman who fell out of her hospital bed. She had previously taken her prescribed medication, administered by hospital staff, which played a factor in the incident.

After the incident, the injured victim attempted to work with the hospital's risk management team to resolve the matter on her own. After weeks of correspondence with the claims manager and providing supporting documentation, she eventually decided to seek a second opinion on her case from the qualified medical malpractice legal team at Davis Law Group

The client visited the Davis Law Group for a free legal consultation to better understand her legal rights and options relating to this incident. She decided to hire our firm to further investigate the incident and determine if pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the hospital was in her best interests.

Thorough Investigation Clarifies Hospital Liability

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that that the hospital had failed to utilize the bed rails or check on the patient over a 6-hour period. These failures not only violated the basic standard of care that should be afforded to all hospital patients, but also went explicitly against the hospital's own internal policies and procedures. 

Before the victim in this case hired our team of attorneys, the final offer she had received from the hospital's risk management team and lawyers was in the amount of $50,000. We filed a lawsuit against the hospital and eventually recovered a $150,000 settlement on her behalf. 

$150,000 Settlement