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$150,000 Settlement for 12 Year-old Boy Bitten by Dog

A 12 year-old boy was attacked by a neighborhood pit bull while he was riding on his bike. The dog bites left permanent scarring on the boy's leg, and he also suffered extensive injuries to his arm and back as a result of falling off of the bike.

Dog bite claims involving minors can be complicated, and we explained to the boy's family that the legal process could be difficult but would likely serve the best interests of the boy, considering the fact that the dog owners carried liability insurance coverage on their homeowner's insurance policy. 

The statute of limitations is also different in personal injury cases which involve a minor victim, and this actually gave our team plenty of time to build up the case without having to worry about the same deadlines that often apply to personal injury cases involving adults. 

The Dog Bite Claims Process Moves Slowly, But Surely

It took several years to effectively build up the boy's case and conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, as it was our job to prove that the dog owners were negligent in allowing their dog to escape. 

After more than 2 years of negotiating with the dog owner's insurance companies, our team of experienced dog bite lawyers were able to successfully recover a $150,000 settlement on behalf of the boy and his family. This money not only covered the boy's medical bills and other damages, but also ensured he would be able to continue to receive the future medical treatment necessary to recover from the scarring on his leg. 

$150,000 Settlement