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$825,000 Settlement for Crushed Thumb in T-Bone Accident (Case No.200944)

Our client, J.K., worked at Boeing as an aircraft inspector and without the full use of his hand was not able to return to work until he recovered. 

After a surgery and months of recovery, it was found that he needed an additional surgery which kept him out of work for several more months. 

Due to a birth defect in his hand, each of these surgeries required special care which complicated the recovery process, and it was possible these surgeries would be unsuccessful resulting in our client losing his thumb all together. 

The Recovery Process And Results 

When J.K. first reached out to Davis Law Group he said that adjusted from the at fault drivers insurance were attempting to set up a meeting with him and settle the matter as quickly as possible. 

This tactic may appear to be in the best interest of a car accident victim at the time, afraid of medical expenses and unsure of the recovery process, but it can lead to accident victims settling cases for pennies on the dollar of what they are owed. 

Months after the accident took place, our client discovered he would likely need additional surgery, and be out of work for several more months. If he had accepted even what appeared to be a generous offer at the time of the accident, he may have found himself buried in additional bills and without the funds to comfortably seek out the best care possible. 

By working with the team of experienced and professional personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group, J.K. was able to wait to settle his case and receive the highest quality medical treatment available to him, allowing the full extent of the damage done, and amount owed to be accounted for. 

After the months of care and recovery, expensive procedures, and time away from work, Davis Law Group  began negotiating with the third party insurance company on our clients behalf. Our team conducted a thorough investigation of the factors involved in the collision, and in our clients injury and compiled a case including the facts from our investigation, witness expositions, and expert testimony and was able to settle the case on our client's behalf for $825,000 at mediation.

Options For Car Accident Victims

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident and find yourself unable to work or facing mounting medical bills, Davis Law Group is here to help.

At Davis Law Group we believe accident victims should receive the best care possible for their injuries, and not face financial ruin or pressure to return to work too soon because of high costs of care. 

Thats why we offer free case evaluations to accident victims where we can help make sense of the options available after a crash, and can help set the ground work for the process to come.

To request a free case evaluation with Davis Law Group you can call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page.

After a T-Bone collision, our client was unable to do their job, the at fault drivers insurance wanted to settle as quickly as possible. But after months of recovery, and multiple surgeries, Davis Law Group was able to settle this case on behalf of our client for $825,000 without having to go to trial.

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