$500,000 Settlement For Client with Broken Foot From Space Needle Sink

Our client was washing her hands in the bathroom of the Space Needle when a part of the sink broke off, falling onto her foot. This resulted in a fracture that required surgery and various types of long term care resulting in medical bills that will continue to grow overtime.

Negotiating a Settlement

Chubb & Son and Travelers insurance as recently as march of this year offered our client less than $30,000, not even approaching the total cost of her medical bills at the time. We worked with negotiating a recovery involving all insurance options on the table in order to ensure our client received a true recovery and agreed to the sum of $500,000.    


Davis Law Group recovered $500,000 for our client after a part of a sink in the Space Needle fell on her foot, causing various injuries, requiring surgery and resulting in the need for life long care.