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$400,000 Settlement For Victim In Motorcycle Crash

When the at fault driver decided to make an illegal U-turn without checking for oncoming traffic, they pulled in front of our client on his motorcycle who was traveling at a high rate of speed. The resulting crash left our client with serious injuries to his shoulder, both of his legs, and resulted in him having to be airlifted to Harborbiew Medical Center for immediate care.

These injuries required surgery and long term care that resulted in hundreds of thousands in medical bills. 

When Insurance Isn't Enough

Davis Law Group knew with how serious the injuries our client sustained were that medical bills would be high, and when we discovered the at fault driver only carried a limited amount of coverage, our attention had to turn elsewhere. 

Though our client did carry a limited amount of Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM), when the total of $400,000 collected on his behalf was stacked up next to his medical bills, it became clear we needed to do more for our client. 

Importance of Medical Lien Negotiation

When a case is coming near settlement and it become apparent that even after all applicable insurance options are accounted for our client will still not be made whole as a firm we turn to care providers for the important phase of negotiating their Medical Liens.

In this case our client was facing over $300,000 in medical bills alone from this accident, so our team went to work negotiating with medical providers to get them to reduce or even waive costs of care due to the circumstances. 

After this process was complete Davis Law Group was able to get our clients care costs reduced by $289,000, effectively adding money to his pocket, and value to his case where it might have appeared there was none. 

Medical Lien Negotiation takes place on a case by case basis and in cases like this one can make all the difference in the world for an accident victim trying to figure out how they will get by. 

Questions About Motorcycle Accidents or Medical Bills? 

If you or a loved one have been in an accident and have questions about your case or the state of your medical bills, the team of professional Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Davis Law Group are here to help offering free case evaluations over the phone or online by calling 206-727-4000 or using the chat or call options on this page. 

When a driver decided to pull a U-Turn in the middle of the road, our client collided with their vehicle at a high rate of speed. With limited insurance options available, Davis Law Group had to go the extra mile to make sure that a settlement would take care of our clients needs.

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