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$200,000 Settlement For Victim Of Scooter Accident

James was 60 years old when he was injured in an scooter accident occurred in April 2014 in Wallingford. 

While on Stone Avenue North, James stopped at the four-way stop sign at North 128th Street. When it was his turn to proceed, James – who was wearing a helmet – moved into the intersection when a woman in a Honda Civic ran the stop sign and collided with James. He was knocked from his scooter and thrown to the pavement with significant injuries.

Like motorcycle accidents, those involved in a collision while on a scooter are much more vulnerable than those operating motor vehicles. It’s not surprising to see broken bones, severe cuts, as well as internal injuries because of a scooter accident.

He was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where doctors discovered James had suffered numbing in his right foot and leg, a broken right thumb that required surgery, a cut lip and several missing teeth. 

Helping James Get Back On His Feet

Victims of scooter accidents can suffer life-threatening injuries, and it’s important that they and their family makes the right choice in hiring a personal injury attorney. In James’ case, hundreds of thousands of dollars were at stake.

James’ medical bills tallied over $30,000. He was forced to take sick leave from work for a few weeks, and wanted to receive appropriate compensation for his pain and suffering. His family contacted Davis Law Group, P.S., about a week after the accident to begin the process of getting what James deserved.

Our firm spent over three years fighting for James and his family, and we were eventually forced to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and her insurance company, Pemco. The insurance company eventually decided it would be in its own best interests to settle the case ahead of a scheduled trial.

The woman who caused the accident was found negligent, and her insurance company settled with us for $200,000. 

We recovered a $200,000 settlement for our client, James, who was involved in a scooter accident.