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$200,000 Settlement For Passenger With Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy

settlement car hits elk accidentOn Sept. 20, 2015, Halley and her friend were traveling in a Hyundai Accent in Pueblo, Colorado. Halley was the passenger, unaware that disaster would soon strike. 

Halley’s friend, driving the vehicle, went over a ridge in the road. Just over the ridge was an elk, commonly found in Colorado. Their vehicle collided with the elk, resulting in a totaled car and injuries to both Halley and her friend.

The injuries Halley sustained in the auto accident were much more significant than those to her friend, who had a concussion and minor lacerations. After being rushed via ambulance to a hospital, Halley had surgery the following day to repair several broken vertebrae in her neck. 

Even after the surgeries, Halley suffered from painful reflex neurovascular dystrophy. The nature of the case was extremely distressing for her, and the family was looking for someone with the necessary experience and expertise to take on the case.

Halley’s Family Contacts Davis Law

About two weeks after the accident in Colorado, Halley’s family reached out to Davis Law Group. A healthy individual before the accident, Halley and her family wanted to get back to normal everyday life. 

We took Halley’s case and identified how damages could be recovered from such an unfortunate accident. Police reports showed that Halley’s friend was negligent in the accident, meaning a personal injury claim could be filed against her liability policy insurance company.

Halley also carried $100,000 in Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which provided our attorneys another avenue to collecting damages. Though her medical bills tallied over six figures, Halley got everything she could from the at-fault parties in this case. With our help, Halley recovered $200,000 in compensation by settling with the insurance companies, money which is helping her get back to full strength.

Case No: 201108

Our client was a passenger in a car that hit an elk. Her friend was driving and was ultimately found at-fault in the accident. Our client filed a claim against her friend’s insurance to recover damages.